POP Walk 2019

POP Walk 2019:

The CSRA Parkinson Support Group will hold our 20th Fundraising and Awareness Walk and 3rd annual POP Walk, or the People of Parkinson’s Walk, on October 5th, 2019, starting at 9 am, Walk at 10, at First Baptist Church of Augusta. The event is the primary source of funding for our mission: to support people with Parkinson's disease, their families, and their care-partners in the CSRA. Register or donate today to join the fight!

What We Are Up Against: Parkinson's disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder affecting the dopamine-producing cells in the brain. Symptoms and progression can vary greatly between individuals, but they get worse with time and become debilitating to daily life. Along with the motor symptoms, including tremor, slowing of movement, rigidity, and stooped posture, the disease can also affect non-motor areas including speech, sense of smell, and sleep. It is estimated that up to six million people around the world have Parkinson’s disease. In the United States alone, 60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.

About the CSRA Parkinson Support Group

Founded in 1991, the CSRA Parkinson Support Group is an all-volunteer non-profit organization serving families affected by Parkinson’s disease in the Central Savannah River Area, from Aiken, SC to Louisville, GA, centered in Augusta, GA. We are counting on businesses, individuals, and teams of walk participants to raise awareness of and funds for our mission: Supporting people with Parkinson's disease, their families, and their care-partners in the CSRA. Learn more: parkinsoncsra.org and facebook.com/parkinsoncsra

What is POP Walk?

Four years ago, in honor of our 25th year, we reinvented our annual fundraising and awareness walk: POP Walk, or the People of Parkinson’s Walk. Parkinson’s disease affects us all, whether we are patients, families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, healthcare professionals, spiritual leaders, business leaders, or students. We are the People of Parkinson’s. We will gather on October 6th, 2018 at First Baptist Church of Augusta, to walk, stretch, dance, build teams, share laughter and tears, learn about Parkinson’s, participate in exercise demonstrations, honor the memory of those we’ve lost, and raise funds and awareness to fight Parkinson’s disease.

Tips for Raising Money

Don't forget to ask everyone you meet to support you for POP Walk. Ask them for $10 or $20 - small amounts can make a difference! Ask not only your co-workers, family and friends, but your hair dresser or barber, your mail carrier, your kids' teachers, your clients, your baker, your favorite store owners and others you interact with regularly. See DoJiggy's Participant Fundraising Library for fundraising ideas and tips, sample letters, a detailed User Guide to the Participant Control Panel, and more!


Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, along with sunglasses and a hat or other sun protection. You may want to bring rain gear too. We have an indoor space available at First Baptist in case of bad weather. This is a rain or shine event!

Our Top 10 Fundraisers:

Rank Name Amount
#1 Sam Nicholson $2,555.00
#2 Maria Nicholson $2,265.00
#3 Mary-Meghan Olmo $1,545.00
#4 Tambra Wilkerson $650.00
#5 Steve Wilkerson $500.00
#6 Sandra Parker $500.00
#7 Joe wilson $450.00
#8 Mary Navarro $375.00
#9 Connie Rule $275.00
#10 Joseph Kelley $250.00

Our Top 10 Fundraising Teams:

Rank Team Name Amount
#1 Nick the Greek $5,170.00
#2 POP Boxers $2,725.00
#3 Team Navarro $1,175.00
#4 Team Lariscy $850.00
#5 For Gwen and Bobby $850.00
#6 M&M Plain $700.00
#7 AU DPT 2021 $648.00
#8 Georgialina Physical Therapy $575.00
#9 Team Adams $400.00
#10 For My Mom $325.00


"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?"
— George Elliot
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