POP Walk 2019

First Last Sbup Company Team Name
Tucker Pressley   Team Linda
Colton Pressley   Team Linda
Jason Pressley   Team Linda
Mickey Price   For Gwen and Bobby
Stephanie Punches   Movement and Memory Disorder Center
Harry Pund    
Diane Pund    
Katie Riegelman   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Peggy Rollins   Team Linda
Pamela Rosema   POP Boxers
Elam Royer   POP Boxers
Connie Rule   M&M Plain
Ricky Rule   M&M Plain
David Rule   M&M Plain
Anna Rule   M&M Plain
Jennifer Scheuer   AU DPT 2021
Stacy Seago   Team Navarro
Andrew Seago   Team Navarro
Marissa Seamon   AU Graduate Students
Sara Searle   Pollock Company
Nathan Searle   Pollock Company
John "Rip" Shaffer   POP Boxers
Brenda Shaffer   POP Boxers
Rita Shelton   For My Mom
Mark Shrewsbury   POP Boxers
Rosemary Shrewsbury   POP Boxers
Marcee Simpson   AU DPT 2021
Lynn Skeen   POP Boxers
Myra Smeak   Team Linda
Edward Smith    
Connie Smith    
Tom Spain   Nick the Greek
Anna Marie Spain   Nick the Greek
Kelly Spain   Team Fearless
Cedric Spain   Team Fearless
Lynn Staley   POP Boxers
Steve Staley   POP Boxers
Dale Stencel    
Valerie Still   Team Lariscy
John Still   Team Lariscy
Lisa Stokes   Team Linda
Mike Stokes   Team Linda
Tabetha Sullivan   M&M Plain
Hunter Sullivan   M&M Plain
Maddie Sullivan   M&M Plain
Benjamin Sullivan   M&M Plain
Gabe Takacs   AU DPT 2021
John Taylor   Team Lariscy
Dianne Taylor   Team Lariscy
Kathy Tuckey   Movement and Memory Disorder Center
Randy Turner    
Charlotte Van Horn   Team Lariscy
Reed Wakeley    
Jeri Wakeley    
Melanie Walsh    
Rebekah Welch   Nick the Greek
MaryParker Westbrook   AU DPT 2021
Megan Wiley    
Tambra Wilkerson   POP Boxers
Steve Wilkerson   POP Boxers
Carolyn Williams    
Katy Williford    
Joe wilson   POP Boxers
Marie Wilson   POP Boxers
Robert Yu    
Helen Yu    
"He who cannot give anything away cannot feel anything either."
— Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
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