POP Walk 2019

First Last Company Team Name Sbup
General Donation    
Randy Turner    
Heather Buchanan    
Megan Wiley    
Robert Yu    
Helen Yu    
Julie Merritt    
Melanie Walsh    
Carolyn Williams    
Judy Campbell    
Katy Williford    
Mary-Meghan Olmo    
Deborah Jenkins    
Becky Moore    
Annie and Ellis Godbee    
Reed Wakeley    
Jeri Wakeley    
Joseph Kelley    
Patti kelley    
Harry Pund    
Diane Pund    
Mandy Foster    
Edward Smith    
Dale Stencel    
Connie Smith    
Denise Housman    
Susan Odom    
Sharon and Philip Lamar    
Atoryia Adams    
Amanda Dojack   AU DPT 2021
Gabby Palfenier   AU DPT 2021
Emily Carter   AU DPT 2021
MaryParker Westbrook   AU DPT 2021
Gabe Takacs   AU DPT 2021
Jennifer Scheuer   AU DPT 2021
Sarah Parks   AU DPT 2021
Allie Brown   AU DPT 2021
Carrie Neill   AU DPT 2021
Bethany Moore   AU DPT 2021
Marcee Simpson   AU DPT 2021
Kennedy Ezzell   AU DPT 2021
Savannah Lee   AU DPT 2021
Ellie Hogan   AU DPT 2021
Ashton DeRemigio   AU DPT 2021
Bethany Nelson   AU DPT 2021
Aubrey Blackstock   AU DPT 2021
Copelyn Jue   AU DPT 2022
Silvia Leanhart   AU Graduate Students
Banabihari Giri   AU Graduate Students
Emily Parker   AU Graduate Students
Marissa Seamon   AU Graduate Students
Katie Odom   CrossFit North Augusta
Daniel Odom   CrossFit North Augusta
Mickey Price   For Gwen and Bobby
Pam Elrod   For Gwen and Bobby
Rick Elrod   For Gwen and Bobby
Sandra Parker   For Gwen and Bobby
Sherra Holden   For My Mom
Nancy Gay   For My Mom
Rita Shelton   For My Mom
Katie Riegelman   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Kim Hausauer   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Jennifer Hall   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Ashton Hall   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Shaun Buning   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Pratik Patel   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Aubrey Lamar   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Emily Blanco   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Brittney Harrell   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Jon Eidman   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Emily Blanco   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Brett Hausauer   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Nicki Gillfillan   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Kelsey Howland   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Sharon Lamar   Georgialina Physical Therapy
Connie Rule   M&M Plain
Ricky Rule   M&M Plain
David Rule   M&M Plain
Abigail Bond   M&M Plain
Anna Rule   M&M Plain
Haley Isenhour   M&M Plain
Vonda Adamson   M&M Plain
Jimmy Adamson   M&M Plain
Morgan Adamson   M&M Plain
Tabetha Sullivan   M&M Plain
Hunter Sullivan   M&M Plain
Maddie Sullivan   M&M Plain
Benjamin Sullivan   M&M Plain
Tim Meckley   M&M Plain
Leroy Meckley   M&M Plain
Lacey Mabli   M&M Plain
Benny Clayton   M&M Plain
Ashlee Mitchell   M&M Plain
Stephanie Punches   Movement and Memory Disorder Center
Kathy Tuckey   Movement and Memory Disorder Center
Rebekah Welch   Nick the Greek
Maria Nicholson   Nick the Greek
Sam Nicholson   Nick the Greek
Tom Spain   Nick the Greek
"You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who can do nothing for them or to them."
— Malcolm Forbes
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